Valbona Valley National Park

Valbona National Park




Valbona is the perfect playground for every trad, bouldering or mountaineering enthusiast! The valley is deep, and surrounded by huge limestone faces and the bottom filled with boulders waiting to be climbed. There is a lot to be developed and climbed in the Valbona, but right know there are a couple of routes for sport climbers as well.

Peak of Jezerca climb it from any three countries


Peak of Jezerca is the highest mountain in the Accursed Mountains, a range that holds the highest peak of Kosovo and Montenegro. With its 2694 meters is the second highest peak in Albania and the sixth highest in the Balkans.
The peak can be climbed from the village of Theth and from the village of Valbona in Albania.

Climb from Valbona
From Valbona the hike is shorter thus possible to climb in one long day. However this would be only for the strongest hikers and it will fall under very strenuous rout. To climb Maja Jezerce from Valbona you will need 10 to 12 hours.

Though the hike is not considered as technical there are short parts where one needs to use hands. In some places you need to use the security cable. Helmet is recommended. For professional mountaineers this peak falls within the easy climbs. British explorers climbed this peak for the first time.The hike offers spectacular views and hike in different environment including, forest, open valleys and finally the rocky part next to the peak.Tours are organised based on request for only this peak or it can be included in longer Peaks of the Balkans hike. BN Adventure offers services to climb this peak in all seasons, for winter you need specialised equipme

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